america is never going to win this war on drugs holy shit

What’s that flying across the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO it’s a bag of CRACK COCAINE

When I first read the headline I imagined a long line of people sitting on the border and using a cannon to take heroin and I was like



america is never going to win this war on drugs holy shit

What’s that flying across the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO it’s a bag of CRACK COCAINE

When I first read the headline I imagined a long line of people sitting on the border and using a cannon to take heroin and I was like


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To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game. Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up:

  • you
  • also
  • what
  • when
  • why
  • how
  • look
  • because
  • never

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Horrible hilarious accidental pun in my history exam;

“Henry VIII’s marriage to Catherine Howard was cut short in February 1542”

I am a terrible person

No you’re not a bad person, that’s nothing worth losing your head over.

It was a decent enough pun, but a lack-luster execution.

Nice job, guys. I’m laughing my head off.


I’m never going to escape this text post

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Where twerking originated

muthafuckas need to learn

I hate when people say it’s not the same thing. Like sure the social context may have changed but the style of dance is the same. A lot of the things we do today got passed down and we don’t even realize… Like sucking our teeth out of frustration is a habit that comes out of west Africa.

Other things include

Rolling in an entourage. In my culture it is taboo to go to events e.g to visit the in-laws without an entourage. You have to take your people. A person without people is unheard of. Just taboo.

Speaking in rhyme and using metarphors. Using metaphors is also  sign of respect ‘hlonipha’. You can’t just blurt out things, you’ve got to couch them well.

Pouring libations. Honour for the ancestors.

Name checking and calling out your bragging right. An age old African tradition, Everytime we went to visit my grandparents they’d welcome us at the gate and they’d invoke the answers by name checking and bragging about their feats.

Twerking has it’s roots in Africa however, because twerking is a very provocative dance, a lot of it was done in private specifically amongst fellow women , for example the coastal women of Kenya only do it on the eve  wedding night when they’ve gone to keep the bride company and to advise on tings and tings..y’know girl talk and how it gets raunchy.

yup! rolling with an entourage:because people can truly tell who you are, by who you chill with. and theirs a Nigerian proverb that says that better XD

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white women of hollywood, reducing japan and japanese culture to cupcakes, sexy ”costumes” and submissive sex-kittens since god knows when

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Anonymous asked: Different anon, but it seems to me that the first anon was not coming to you, the white male, for information, but to Steve, the smart, thoughtful guy who seems to know a lot about a lot and whose judgement we trust. So while your last post was valid that might not have been the intention. Whenever there is any kind of online scandal I find it very helpful to look to in-the-know individuals whose opinions I generally trust, to help me sift through the conversation to find the real issue.

I get that, but what I’m saying is that people need to seek out appropriate experts on things. Even if I trust and respect my brother, for instance, I would never ask him to help me study music history because it’s a topic he has no experience in outside of a really general knowledge of his experience in band.

Similarly, I wouldn’t expect anyone to come to me about issues affecting Asian-Americans because the only experience I have is what I’ve read here. What I reblogged on that post is what I know.

Furthermore, I can already feel myself being considered a member of the Adult White Male YouTube community. I know people respect me and my opinions - I do have to admit, I try really hard not to say anything at all unless I’ve really considered it - but I also am well aware of the fact that the main people who hold that kind of respect are Adult White Males. You’ve got your John and Hank Green, ZeFrank, WheezyWaiter, CGPGrey, Josh Sundquist, the list goes on. I am not saying at all that these people have not *earned* respect. They really are doing great things. But what I *am* saying is that I want everyone to be careful about who they consider an expert on issues and why.

It is very easy for me as a member of the Adult White Male community to earn respect (one of the many reasons Stephen Colbert has so many people on his side), but on this issue, the people who need to be heard are the Asian-Americans who headed the campaign. That is the only opinion of mine you will get.

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In other news, apparently you can sign up at the gym online. Apparently this gym also has unlimited personal training to members (on a first-come, first-serve basis with small-group classes but still) included in its monthly price of $10 a month.

Let’s see if I can get me a VidCon body.

Anonymous asked: I find it strange that the people who are angry at Colbert haven't actually seen the segment (at least that's the impression I got). The language was offensive on purpose. Stephen Colbert's character is an idiot, that's the point. The subtext of the segment was "if you don't see how offensive the words "Red Skin" are, then here is some offensive words towards asians, imagine how asians feel, that's how natives feel." If anything the joke was FOR asians, because asians know how they feel.

(continued, re Colbert) I genuinely hope I’m wrong about this because I really enjoy learning about social justice and such. I just wasn’t sure whether to join to whole “cancel colbert” thing, and I think you would be a good person to teach me about these things. Being wrong is awesome.

Listen, I know that you mean well, but I have to give it to you straight. You have just come to a middle class white man to explain to you how it’s racist to use a racial slur about Asians in a joke.

You say this after reading a post I reblogged in which an Asian whom it affected thoroughly outlined their complaints about the joke, and upon which other Asians elaborated.

If you search the #cancelcolbert tag, you can find many other defenses of that position, including the argument of Suey Park, who herself started the tag.

With all of these other options, you still prefer the middle-class white male as the definitive source of information on the topic, regardless of his credentials of experiencing anti-Asian racism.

Preference of white opinions is racism. I wish I could explain the argument to you, but it is genuinely not my argument to present and I do not want to speak over the Asian voices; I want you to listen to them.

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Yeah I’m just gonna disappear from social media for the next while in favor of a beer and mindless TV programming.

That sounds like a good idea right now.